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Net Promoter Scores That Yield Actionable Intelligence

Net promoter scores from Overdue give you the inside scoop on customer loyalty through first-hand feedback.

Overdue’s simple dashboard shows promoters, passives, and detractors for customers who have been on a site for at least a month, with individual surveys conducted no more than once every six months, helping to ensure you get quality data.

Now it’s easy to identify who might churn out simply by heading to your Settings page. Gain insight into customer loyalty, identify changes in your brand score, understand ways you can improve, and make radical boosts to your referral marketing. Net promoter scores from Overdue lets you prioritize which detractors to reach out and helps you focus on core metrics for business growth.

Net Promoter Score Dashboard

Protect Your Promoters, Convert Your Passives

Promoters are your loyal, enthusiastic fans — the customers who would gladly recommend you to a friend. Passives are those whose referrals are less enthusiastic and whose recommendations may come with a “But…” With your passives clearly identified in Overdue’s dashboard, you can reach out and start converting them, asking how you can earn their recommendation and analyzing their responses.

Net Promoter Score Survey

Boost Your Referral Marketing

Customer net promoter scores let you know who is likely to recommend your product or business — and who may hesitate. Converting passives into promoters means you have better word-of-mouth promotion and greater business opportunities.

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